I’m all in the I-Hemp dust

As a elemental artist I use plant based byproduct powders to make my sustainable art medium. Hand sculpted bas-relief designs and symbols are made from this medium. When dry it looks like carved stone and feels like tree bark. It is a durable and long lasting medium I paint when dry, after I mask the natural objects installed in the soft before it dries. That includes stones, bones, minerals, fossil’s, glass and colored sand.

My SOL art comes with or without ashes mixed into the plant medium. The SOL vault can hold whatever fits inside the small space behind the wood framed canvas. It could be a reliquary, a stash box or Z-Urn alternative. Stone of Light, Be Z- Urn with cremains mixed into the I-Hemp medium for that “green gift” of sacred eternity.

Spirit House Art


SOL Work

My best and most recent art medium made with sustainable byproduct industrial hemp powder and other earth elements. This green medium is light weight,┬ádurable, bug resistant and earth friendly (low carbon footprint). ┬áMy personal SOL work is exhibited in two Ripley’s Believe It or Not! museums (Father SOL & Pet Stone SOL). The funeral industry is changing to being more earth friendly with green cemeteries and cremation artwork like my SOL Works. Z-Vaults can be made with or without cremains, but can hold the rest of your beloved inside. Personalized custom tribute made from 75% hemp and other sustainable earth elements. This is the next generation of cremation art with heart for the planet and the family. http://www.earthwerks.us

Hemp Z-Vaults are for whatever fits inside behind the back panel.